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My Coaching Story

Hello! My name is Laura Campbell. I am living in Indiana. I have a Master's in Business Administration and have worked in Human Resources and Recruiting. While I love working in HR and Recruiting, something wasn't right.

I have thought about career coaching for a while. I took courses on career coaching and life coaching. Still not ready to leap. 2020 was a crazy year; I was working as a Recruitment Specialist in a manufacturing company when we learned production would be moved to Mexico and layoffs. At that point, I started helping my coworkers with resumes, interview skills, and career planning. THAT IS IT. I WAS IN LOVE. But when it came time for me to be laid off, I panicked and found the first job that offered me a position. It did not take long before realizing I had made a mistake and turned in my notice. Yes, I am part of the great resignation.

I transitioned from being employed full-time to running a career coaching business. I work with professional women who haven't been able to move up in their careers and are looking for a change. I want to work with women to create their most fulfilling life. 

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