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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my first-ever blog. I never in a million years would think I would write a blog. But for the most part, in future blogs, I will be writing about choosing a career path, resume and cover letters, social media, interviewing, and negotiable job offers.

I should tell you a little about me. My name is Laura Campbell. I am a career and life coach. My background is in human resources and recruiting. I have a Master's in Business Administration. That is my picture up there. I hate having my photo taken, so please forgive the goofy look.

My dream of becoming a career and life coach started years ago. I heard about it and thought that sounded interesting. I looked into it and had every excuse of time, money, fear of doing different, and maybe someday. I took a career coach course and took a life coach course. I might be taking another course here shortly, but I will let you know when I decide to start.

Anyway, I was working for a manufacturer as a Recruiting Specialist. We were told about the production moving to Mexico and the layoffs. I started doing resumes and teaching interview skills to my coworker, and I loved it. I started my career and life coaching in January 2022, and here we are.

The creation of a resume and cover letter is one of my services. A resume can be a pain to write and where to begin. As a recruiter, I have seen resumes that hurt my eyes. I will hurt you by creating a professional-looking resume and cover letter. Another service is going over interview skills. Today's market can lead to different interviews besides the familiar face-to-face interview. I would help you with going over questions a helping with interviewing nerves. Finally, I have a 12-week course from career planning to interview and negotiation. This program will help you with the confidence to take on the market. Contact me at to discuss your needs.

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